“World’s Best Hikes: Epic Trails”

12 Jan

Rattlesnake Mountain

Photo Caption: In 2010 when I hiked to the top of Rattlesnake Mountain in New Hampshire with my dog Bentley (a hike I do ever summer).

I love hiking. Some of the most breathtaking moments in my life have been from reaching the top of a mountain and seeing the beauty of the world around me. Hiking also brings a sense of calmness to me, which in this crazy life I lead is something rare and special.  Also, a sense of accomplishment comes from reaching the top of a mountain.

What is great about hiking is you don’t need to be experienced to do it. Yes, there are difficult hiking trails and being in shape is important. However, there are plenty of trails you can find as a beginner hiker. I will have a blog post on important hiking gear, but for this blog post I wanted to share a link I found on
National Geographic’s website. They list the best hike trails all over the world and I thought I would share their article with you!

World’s Best Hikes: Epic Trails

What are your favorite hiking trails?


Packing Lightly!

9 Jan

luggage stuffing

Over Packing

Having trouble getting your luggage under the 50lb weight limit? Or traveling for an extended period of time and you don’t know how you are going to pack lightly? Here I have 7 tips to help you pack lighter!

Tip 1:  It is important to think about the weather forecast for where you will be going, the activities you will be doing and the duration of your trip.

Tip 2: Create a list of the main items you want to bring on your trip.

Tip 3: Go through your list and rank which ones you MUST take and which ones you could leave behind.

Tip 4: Decrease the quantity of each item you want to bring. Chances are you really don’t need to bring as many jeans, shirts, or shoes you want.

Tip 5: If there is an item you are on the fence about, don’t take it. If you find you need it at some point on your trip, you could always buy it.

Tip 6: If you are going on a long trip and worried you are not bringing enough, remember you can find laundry services virtually anywhere in the world where you will be going.

Tip 7: Never pack clothing you rarely wear when you are home, because chances are you wouldn’t wear them overseas.

Here I have an example of these tips! Let’s say you are going to Costa Rica for a week. It is the summer and you will be getting wet with fun activities!  

I have listed items I would want to take and their quantity:


Water shoes-1 (Great for protecting your feet when you are in the water!)


Flip flops-2


Summer dress-4


Tank tops-5

Zip off pants-1

Shirts- 8

Long sleeve Shirts- 4 (Even though you will be traveling there in the summer, Dengue Fever is prevalent in Costa Rica and it is important you bring protective clothing).

Bikini- 3

One piece swimsuit- 1 (For surfing or fun water activities where you don’t want your bikini to come off!)

Hiking Socks-3 pairs

Hiking Boots-1

Looking at this list, I believe all of these items are important to bring, but I don’t have to bring the quantity of them I would like. For example, the cut off pants I have become shorts, so instead of taking three shorts I can take two. It is very hot in Costa Rica and there is no need for more than one pair of jeans. Same with bikinis, there is no need to bring more than two. Also, if I am bringing hiking boots, I don’t need to bring sneakers.

Now here is my updated list and the quantity:


Water shoes-1

Flip flops-1


Summer dress-2


Tank tops-3

Zip off pants-1

Shirts- 5

Long sleeve Shirts- 3

Bikini- 2

One piece- 1

Hiking Socks-3 pairs

Hiking Boots-1

Decreasing the quantity of the items I am bringing as well as removing the sneakers will help with the weight of my suitcase as well as over loading it!

I Hope these tips have helped! What are you tips for packing lightly?

YOLO Traveling

6 Jan

YOLO- You Only Live Once.

My thoughts on YOLO? While this phrase is over used, it is true. You do only live once. To me, this means you need to immerse yourself in your passions. Whether it is photography, painting, animals or traveling- do it. I know for myself, my two biggest passions are traveling and animals. Even when I am not traveling, I am always researching the next place(s) I will travel to.

A prime example of YOLO Traveling? My 24 year old sister who is currently teaching English in South Korea. She booked an impromptu vacation to Australia only two days in advance. No plans, just going on a whim and seeing where her vacation will take her. To me, this is a true definition of YOLO. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so why not seize the day and do something you normally wouldn’t do that might even scare you a little bit?

-Charlotte K

Living Through Traveling

20 Aug

I love to travel. To me it is more than a passion, it is my way of life. Everything I have experienced through traveling, the cultures I have immersed myself in and the people/animals I have come in contact with, have shaped who I am as a person today. I have found the most peaceful moments through my travels and what really keeps me striving for financial success is knowing I can expand my knowledge through traveling the world.

I hope you follow my journey as I explore the world and blog about the best places to see and what to do while you are there!

7 Tips for Planning a Trip!

29 Dec

Figuring out the first steps to plan a trip can be difficult, especially if you are planning a long one! I remember when I needed to plan a three month trip to New Zealand, Australia, China, and Europe I was confused on where to start. I ended up using a travel agent who was helpful, but I realized I could plan everything on my own I just needed some guidance.

I wanted to share with you my tips to plan a wonderful trip!

1) First you must pick where you would like to travel. I am going to use Ireland as an example.

2) Now that you have decided which country you are traveling to it is time to think of the places you would like to visit. I suggest visiting forums or blogs from people who have already traveled there. I also suggest Googling “Top 10 must see’s in Ireland”. You are sure to get many hits and find a great website to use. 

3) I would also suggest Googling “Off the beaten path must sees of Ireland”. You are also sure to get hits on many places which are really great to see, but are not as popular. Make sure where you decide to go if they are museums, brewery’s, etc that they will be opened the date you want to visit and they don’t have odd hours. (Some places might be closed on weekends, have odd hours, or you might want to visit on an Irish holiday so it is important to know these things so you can plan around it!) 

4) Once this is done and you mapped out where you want to go, you can start planning your trip around the time frame you have. Depending on how long you have in Ireland  (ex: 5 days or 2 weeks) you can then decide which places you are most interested in seeing. 

5) Now it is time to look for accommodations!  There are many places you can stay: hotels, hostels, B&B’s or a caravan. I would suggest using tripadvisor when choosing where to stay, however it is important to remember people differ on standards when it comes to their accommodations. While someone might say they will never stay somewhere again because their beds aren’t comfy, you might find they aren’t that horrible (Happened to me when I stayed at a resort in Cabo).

6) You now have to decide how you are getting around Ireland! Will you be renting a car? Flying? Taking a train?

7) BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET! Now that you have decided what you want to do, where you want to stay, and how you are getting around, it is a great time to plan out your budget. Most of you may think this should be the first step, but researching costs before figuring out your budget is important because based on where you are traveling, prices differ. (When I went to New York City around Christmas time the cheapest hotel I could find was $300 dollars a night- not including taxes, which was A LOT more than I expected, so I had to plan a bigger budget for traveling there) 

Even though you have planned your trip and have your itinerary set in stone, remember anything can happen and to just have fun! I have had many issues whether it was with renting a car, a bad hotel room, or a place I really wanted to visit that ended up being closed that day. I had to just deal with it and still have a good time. While it was frustrating at the time, I had to remember that these things happen and not everything will go as planned!

Hope these planning tips help! What are some of your tips when planning a trip?

Airport Delays

26 Dec

Airport Delays

Sorry I have been so bad at posting lately! The end of the semester for me was so crazy busy and then the holidays crept up! I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas whether it was spent with family or friends.

During this time of year we’ve had various airport delays and cancellations. I found a great article from Independent Traveler titled Airport Delays: Six Ways to Cope and thought it might help!

Apple Vacations- Great for All Inclusive Getaways!

11 Dec


Apple Vacations

Ever thought of going on an all-inclusive trip? Apple Vacations is a great company to book all-inclusive trips with! I booked through Apple Vacations for a trip I took to Cabo San Lucas , Mexico almost two years ago. They have so many different all-inclusive resorts to choose from and you will be able to find one that matches your budget.

I think all-inclusive trips are perfect when traveling to the Caribbean and more specifically Mexico! You can get really good deals and also book airfare through Apple Vacations. I myself only booked the hotel through Apple Vacations because I found a cheaper flight. Because of this, I would recommend researching on your own for flights to see if you can get a cheaper ticket then right away booking a package deal of flight+hotel.

One thing I really loved about Apple Vacations was I had a free car transfer from the airport to the resort as well as from the resort to the airport. This was really nice because the drive was about a 45 minutes each way and that would have been a hefty taxi cab bill!